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Patient Testimonials for Dr. James O. Merritt, IV

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

J. Parsch

  • Hip Replacement

“I was accidentally struck by a low bed shopping cart at Costco and went down onto the concrete. Upon striking the concrete on my right hip, the fall broke the ball of the hip. Dr. Merritt performed the operation at 11 o'clock that evening and I was in a rehab facility 3 days later and 6 days later I walked out of the rehab facility. However while at the rehab facility I contracted a infection that went to the bone and he had to do the operation all over again. He put me in contact with Dr. Powers, a Infectious Disease Doctor, and between Dr. Merritt and Dr. Powers I am in great health after going back to AGI Physical Therapy in Little River, SC where Matt got me back onto my feet again. If I did not have the expertise of Dr. Merritt and him knowing who to send me to I honestly don't think I would be in the good condition that I am in today. Kudos to all of you and your staff.”

Roger T.

  • Knee, Shoulder

“I went too Dr Merritt for my knee, knowing that I need a knee replacement. He explained everything very clearly, I told him I would like too wait so he suggested a steroid shot, the pain is considerably better I will receive another shot in September, this is the first break from pain I have had in several months. He is understanding very and kind. I drive 2 hours too see and it has been worth it. Will recommend him highly. ”

Jean paine

  • Rotator cuff surgery

“Thank you Dr.Merritt you are a very kind, caring, and thoughtful doctor who shows compassion for his patients more doctors should be this way you should give a seminar for compassion for patients!!”

F. Riddering

  • Possible broken ankle and foot

“My 12 year old was treated for a possible foot and ankle break. I am very pleased with the care that he received and will definitely recommend Strand Orthopaedic to my friends. Dr. Merritt was very helpful and kind as were all of the nurses and office staff. ”

Cathi Barone

  • Broken Right Patella

“I was referred to Dr. Merritt via Grand Strand ER. He did not know me, all he he knew was what the X-Rays showed him. He is a kind considerate man, understood the pain I was in and did his best to get me into surgery as quickly as he could. Unfortunately for me, I have to have the wires in my knee replaced. This is by no reflection on Dr. Merritt, trust me...if something is going to go wrong it will be me! Thank You for your skills as a surgeon and for being one of the good guys.”

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