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Patient Testimonials for Dr. David G. Everman

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Robert D.

  • Hand and forearm surgery

“I cannot say enough good things about this physician. He has done 3 surgeries on me and I now have full use of both hands and he did a compartment syndrome surgery on my forearm all with excellent results. If you need hand and arm surgery, he is the man to see!!! ”

Ken Herrington

  • Surgery on left arm & elbow

“Dr. Everman was professional and personal during my surgery and treatment. He was very good about sharing information and asking if I had any questions. Good experience and I would highly recommend him.”

Carol H.

  • Carpel Tunnel Surgery

“Wonderful warm caring phyician.....never makes you feel rushed......excellent him”

Jessie W.

  • Hand Surgery
Jessie W.'s photo

“Hello Dr Everyman, I hope you remember me. I'm the one that was shot in April of 2016 and you had to rebuild my left hand. It still won't bend all the way and it's stiff but atleast I have a hand. I ask you on the way to surgery to please save my hand and you replied that you would try. You was successful and I'll always be grateful to you and your staff. You did an incredible job on me when all seemed lost to me and my family. I have sinced moved out of state but I wanted to say, Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I'll keep you and your family and staff in my prayers.

Ever so grateful

Jessie W.”

Ed H

  • Hands

“I've been seeing Dr Everman for my left/right hand and he has done great things for me. I'm able to function again with the things I like to do. I will recommend Dr Everman to any and all that can use his services.”

Gloria Timmons

  • Carpal Tunnel

“As an incomplete quad with carpal tunnel in my only half way good extremity, my right hand, and needing elbow release, also, Dr. Everman worked with me to get me to the point of knowing I had to make a decision to have the surgery. I was reluctant and scared and cried going in to surgery knowing that I could lose a lot if things did not go well. However, my trust was with Dr. Everman, and even though I was afraid, I just knew that he would not fail me. I am happy to report that my trust was placed in the right hands. The surgery was successful and I highly recommend Dr. Everman not only as a top notch surgeon, but, also as a kind and gentle man. Can't get any better than that!”

Susan M.

  • Elbow issues, Ulner Nerve Submuscular Transposition

“I have been seeing Dr. Everman for a few different arm issues. He and his assistant Lauren are top notch! They always listen, explain what needs to be done and never think I am crazy. Highly recommend this team at Strand! THANK YOU DR. EVERMAN AND LAUREN!! ”

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