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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Alexander J. Pappas

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Todd B.

  • Total ankle replacement
Todd B.'s photo

“When Dr. Pappas first suggested a TAR I was skeptical as my previous doctor has recommended against it. He made me a believer and thank the Lord he did. I am now 8 months down the road and this week I played 2 rounds of golf for the first time in over 5 years and they were pain free. I shot my best round ever at the course I played today and was telling my wife that I felt I was concentrating better than I had in a long time. She said " think about what you were thinking about for the last few years.....your ankle and not hurting it. Today you thought about golf". My wife is a wise woman. We have been shag dancing more and more lately which we had almost given up due to my ankle pain. Dr. Pappas truly gave me a second chance at an active life...THANK YOU!!! ”

Melissa A.

  • Nerve Surgery

“I hurt my ankle in high school from dancing and severely spraining. I came to Dr. Pappas after having 1 ligament surgery with screws put in and 1 nerve reconstruction surgery already on my left ankle in DC. And I was still having pain. He had no idea what he was getting into but he took me on like I started with him and we tried everything to avoid a 3rd surgery. But we ended up having a 3rd surgery on my nerves and doing a nerve block. I still had a long road to recovery but I can finally say after almost 9 years I finally can move on with my life. All thanks to Dr. Pappas fixing the last nerve that was still causing me so much pain. I have gotten it to where it does not bother me that much and I am working out to strengthen the muscles around it without pain! Thank you so much Dr. Pappas for taking on a mess of an ankle and fixing me up! ”

Amy D.

  • Ankle fusion revision

“I was born with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis 46 years ago. My left ankle was just completely worn out! I had my ankle fused in a NC teaching hospital in January of 2016. We relocated to this area in April 2016 and as I was still having trouble I started searching for an ankle specialist. Dr. Pappas took 1 look at my x-rays and said he would take me on. My first appointment in July 2016 I was very impressed with the office, staff, Dr. Pappas and his assistant Belinda. As a former OR nurse, I knew what I was looking for in a professional. I found it in Dr. Pappas and his staff. He explained all my options from doing nothing to a complete revision(redo). I had my surgery in Sept of 2016 and am now on my road to a full recovery. Dr. Pappas took the time to answer my questions as well as my husband's. He was thorough and it is obvious he cares about his patients. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a foot and ankle specialist! Thank you Dr.Pappas and Strand Orthopaedics for your care, attention and competence. ”


  • Charcot Syndrome R Foot

“I was referred to Dr. Pappas' office by my general practitioner for severe foot and ankle pain. After only a few visits, Dr. Pappas decided to perform reconstructive surgery for Charcot Syndrome and just go ahead and fix the problem instead of putting me through a lot of cruel and unusual "stuff" that was NOT gonna work. Surgery was the only fix. I would like to let anyone looking at Dr. Pappas and his group for foot or ankle surgery, look no further. I have been so very pleased with their care and down right cheerful attitude throughout the entire office. I prayed for a knowledgeable earthly healer and Dr. Pappas certainly is one.”


  • foot surgery

“I was in a motorcycle accident in 2012 causing broken bones and a major laceration in my foot. Dr. Pappas and his staff was able to not only save my foot but it healed back to about 95% as strong as before. His staff and him kept me informed the entire process and treated me like a family member. He listen to my complaints and took action to help me cope. He listen to his patients like a Dr. should. He provided the best treatment i could have ever ask for. As of Nov. 6, 2015 im currently healing from yet another injury to two shattered heels and i am about to leave my doctor to come get a second opinion from Dr. Pappas asap.”


  • ankle injury

“Due to a past injury to my ankle I have been experiencing chronic pain, inflammation, and weakness in addition to an open wound that had formed on top of the old surgical site. I have visited five other doctors who had all told me they had no idea what was causing the problems I was experiencing. Finally, I was referred to see Dr. Pappas. Within a few minutes during my first appointment he was able to diagnose the cause behind the wound and was able repair it within the next couple weeks. Thanks to Dr. Pappas and his team I am on the road to recovery after a year of visiting numerous doctors and not getting any answers. Thank you! ”

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